When I donít give the testimony the pain reoccurs again and that what has happened to me now. I used to get severe pain in the lower abdomen for which I had taken a sonography and the results were normal but there was still pain. I took pain killers but I would get severe acidity. I asked Pastor Saroja to pray for me and after her prayers within one hour all the pain vanished. Now I donít have any pain. I give all glory to Jesus my Lord and my sincerely thank Pastor Saroja.
Asha Salins

I am taking care of a patient who is kept in the Rose of Sharon Old Age Home at Mira Road. Before coming to the Home, I was very disturbed and unhappy in my life due to my family problems, financial situation and many other things. But the first day I entered the home, I felt very nice and a strange peace entered my heart. I felt happy and joyful. I also joined the brothers and sisters during the evening prayer time. The first prayer time touched me and I felt that I needed to know more about Jesus Christ and wanted to follow Him. I therefore thank the Lord Jesus for bring me to this wonderful place that is the Rose of Sharon Old Age home, Mira Road. Also for many years, I have been suffering with pain on my right shoulder, but when I was in the Old Age home I applied the prayer oil on my shoulder and to my surprise, I was instantly healed of all my pain. All glory to Lord Jesus Christ and I thank Pastor Saroja for her prayers always.
Sis. Lizzy Jose